As some of you who use the website may have seen we are planning our next exam session for Saturday March 26th 2022. Months away you may be thinking but in terms of class time not long when you remove all the school holidays. Over the past half term we have been doing in school assessments to work who will be taking what exam. It is planned to enter all students for an exam from beginners up. If for some reason you would rather your child did not take one could you please let us know. Exams are by no means compulsory but do give the students a huge sense of achievement. I will be sending our application in over the Christmas break but preparation for them has already has begun in class along with some fun time starting our show dances. Busy times ahead and dare I say it normality seems to be rearing it’s head again. Any questions please feel free to ask your child’s teacher or drop me an email. X